Usnh Collective Bargaining Agreement

  • October 13, 2021

Our faculty has a comprehensive set of services, most of which (Tenure-Track and Clinic Faculty) are covered by the collective agreement with the Keene State College Educational Association. A summary of the benefits can be found in the KSCEA Faculty Benefit Overview. Contract colleagues are non-tenure track faculties that provide services to the institution and often intervene to provide academic programs when tenure-track vacations occur. Contract confridents have access to their own generous benefits, as described in the USNH Faculty /Staff Benefit Overview. . Operational staff participate in the USNH benefit program, which includes three medical options, two levels of dental coverage, life insurance, long-term disability, and a generous defined contribution retirement plan. Information on relevant policies and programs can be found in the operating Staff Handbook. The Employment Assistance Program (AEP) is an important benefit that will be made available to all USNH employees (except students) starting in January 2015. The EAP provides confidential advice to staff or their family members in distress.

EAP also provides initial support for legal advice, financial advice and life advice. Keene State offers a competitive compensation package for our employees through the New Hampshire University System. Employees and teachers in social positions benefit from a variety of medical plans, dental coverage, a generous defined contribution retirement plan and paid time, as well as life insurance, long-term disability and access to other voluntary programs. Karyn Kaminski is at your disposal for all your questions! You will also find detailed information about the plans about the USNH Human Resources links. Adjunct Faculty and Staff have access to the Employment Assistance Program (PEA), Workers` Compensation Insurance and Unemployment. Some Adjuncts may also qualify to enroll in a medical plan or contribute to a 403B pension plan. For more details or to see how to qualify for USNH Adjunct Benefits, call Karyn Kaminski at 358-2486. To change benefits, staff must have access to Adjunct Faculty of five semesters or more of service may be covered by the KSCAA Collective Bargaining Agreement….