18/04/16 – 13/05/16

  • May 13, 2016

On the course

It has been an extremely busy month which has seen temperatures rise and rainfall cease, (until this week!). This has given the opportunity for the greens to dry out and firm up and have been performing perfectly for the past 4 weeks, with green speeds in our ‘sweet spot’ zone for Temple. The rest of the course also has been coming along very well with Tees and approaches especially out performing the levels of this time last year.

This week has seen the second greens/approaches aeration of the season with a small 12mm solid tine and 10 tonne of sand applied to Greens and Approaches, this went very well and greens have come alive this week from the warmth, rain and air. I am excited to see how the greens will progress through the season considering the quality they have been of late.

A new triplex brush has been purchased which sits in front of the greens, tee and approach mower which serves the purpose of standing the longer grass leaves up and removing the dew before the cutting reels go over them, this produces a far cleaner and tighter playing surface and will go along way to improving the visual and playing quality of all surfaces.

Away from the playing surfaces, all steps have been renovated across the course, sanded, stained and re stoned, also the fences and rails have been stained but are yet to be finished. Logs have also been cleared from site across the course and donated to Matt from Lee farm who we have a good relationship with. An issue with our new Tee markers has now been resolved and therefore these will now be placed out on the course ready for the following weekend. A new set of steps has been installed on the left hand side of the 5th tee to allow for easier access to the tier. New ball washers have been placed at the clubhouse and also the 10th white Tees, the remaining ball washers and bins will be redistributed evenly across the course.

The meadow rough is coming along nicely and it is agreed between all parties that the wildflower populations this year have never been better, the Orchids are as beautiful as they are extensive. The meadow rough this year should play a little thinner than last year with all the scarification through the winter.

The fortnight ahead

In the upcoming fortnight, all bins, steps and railings will be finished be stained. Bunkers at the 1st will be re-sanded with the China Clay white sand as with the 3rd hole, also the drain will be addressed on the 1st so as to correct the flooding issue. The wooden barrier at the 12th tee will be taken away and allowed to grow as grass to give a far better presentation finish. Pot holes will be filled along the main roadway to the driving range, the flags on the range will also be upgraded.

Granular fertiliser will be applied to weak areas around green banks as well as the newly built tees to secure establishment and continued performance. Also a fertiliser will be applied to fairways 9, 15 and 18 to maintain a full sward to help with slowing ball run down the hills.

Happy Golfing.

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