27/03/17 – 21/04/17

  • April 21, 2017

On the course

What an unseasonably warm and dry spring we are having, but on top of the warm day time temperatures we are still experiencing very low night time temperatures which means that growth is minimal. It was fortunate this year that our irrigation system was primed up early, firstly because there was a number of little issues to repair but secondly and more importantly, we have been using the irrigation system nightly on all surfaces to varying degrees. However, with this unseasonable weather, all surfaces are performing extremely well and the visual detail across the course is developing nicely, in fact I would go as far as to say we are almost tournament quality across the board on a day to day basis, and that is testament to the Maintenance team.

A number of smaller tasks have been completed or are ongoing, for example, the remaining log and branch piles have been cleared and 90% of the stump chippings have also been cleared, this will all be complete during next week, pot holes have been filled along the road way to the driving range with a small parking bay being created also. Whilst turning on the fountains we have found issues with all three, but nothing that cannot be easily repaired and again these will be repaired next week. Course detailing is taking place and being completed each day which includes all the smaller finesse tasks that as a whole, create a sense of real quality.

The bunkers at 5 and 7 are now in play and performing well, the turf has suffered during this dry spell but with increased attention the turf is improving. All new tees are also back in play, they are currently being cut at a higher height of cut than the existing tees, this is to slowly lower the grass plant down to the existing 10 mm height of cut, in doing so we do not scalp or damage the crown.

All in all we are in a very good position moving forward into May.

The fortnight ahead

The next two weeks will consist of finishing the smaller tasks around the edge of the course, collecting the final piles of branches and stump chippings, collecting the meadow clipping piles and transporting them to our composting site, applying Herbicide to tee bank and green bank meadow rough for visual purposes, and ongoing course detailing. Next week will also begin our fortnightly verticutting and sand topdressing throughout the season.

Happy Golfing.

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