26/08/17 – 29/09/17

  • September 29, 2017

On the course

Firstly, I have to mention the relentless rainfall we have, and are currently experiencing, this weather really in unprecedented and calling upon all our skill to prepare and present the golf course to the current standard. The maintenance team are really doing a sterling job in ensuring the golf course stays fully playable with all surfaces performing extremely well, whilst maintaining and controlling all wear and tear across the site. I am extremely happy with the current condition throughout the golf course and feel we are moving into Autumn and Winter in a very strong position.

On top of the rain of late, we are also contending with the leaves starting to fall, presentation is always at the forefront of our minds during course daily preparation so making sure all playing surfaces, including Green and Tee banks, are free from leaves is of the utmost importance.

Away from our daily struggles there has been a lot of progression elsewhere throughout the course. You will have noticed some vast architectural and design changes at the 13th bunkers. The 13th Green and Greenside bunkers are now a focal point as one enters the clubhouse car park and creates a stunning back drop to the golf course. With the ever improving vistas throughout the golf course, these bunkers at the 13th Green will be an ever increasing view giving that ‘wow’ factor to the golf course. On going work to replace the old sand in other bunkers continues, with the 14th bunkers recently being changed.

The meadow rough has now been cut, rowed, bailed and cleared, this being a little earlier than in previous years because of the flush of growth from the recent weather. The result of the early cutting will mean a second cutting before any scarifying may take place so as to further thin the grassland, in doing so this will reduce the stress on the Amazon scarifying machine. Also within the meadow rough we have begun our copse and underbrush clearing, this year trying to go further than in previous years to fully clear under and around all stand alone trees and larger copses. This will again create some fantastic views far since lost, already views have been opened through the 16th tees right hand side and also from the 17th Red tee across the valley and beyond.

A further set of steps has been added, this time to the 5th White tee to allow a safer ascent to the playing surfaces. Work at the 15th left hand side Greenside bank has been complete with soil and seed being placed over all the poorly performing areas with a view to create a full grassed coverage. Post and rope has begun to be placed out on the course to try to reduce wear and tear, along with directional signage, this is all in aid to create better playing surfaces throughout the winter period as well as into the following spring.

The fortnight ahead

On going preparation and presentation battling against this inclement weather is our main task during the next two weeks and beyond as well as hoping for a dry warm spell. The 17th Yellow tee drain lines will be lifted and re-levelled. Further topdressing work to the 5th White tee, 9th White tee, 16th Winter tee and 17th White tee will continue to help with levels and recovery to prepare these tees for the winter and on to the 2018 season so they will be performing perfectly. The Meadow roughs will be cut for a second time and more work complete within the copses and around the stand alone trees. The Greens will be sorrel rolled and topdressed this coming Monday and then over sown with Bent grass in a broadcast fashion, this will be the second overseeding process which has taken lace this season and will continue throughout the next season also.

Happy Golfing.

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