19/03/18 – 06/04/18

  • April 6, 2018

On the course

Well what can I say, I don’t think I have experienced a start to spring like this one, not two weeks ago we have 3″ of snow on the ground and now today we are experiencing 15 degrees and sunny. It really has been tough for all golf courses across the country, however, we being a chalk downland have suffered slightly less and this coupled with a protecting the course has meant that during the last two days the course has been cut throughout and looks fantastic and will play extremely well this weekend ready for Augusta.

Below is a link to a weather blog I follow which sums this spring up perfectly. In fact I would recommend to all to follow Mark and his weather blog as it also gives great insight into how the weather can effect growth potential, disease outbreaks and general course conditions


Maintenance to the greens went well and a sand dressing was applied after. All greens, tees and approaches were aerated and topdressed and a granular fertiliser applied to encourage growth.

We have taken the opportunity during this inclement weather to remove the contaminated sand out of the 17th bunkers and lay a base layer ready for fresh sand to be installed next week. We have also made a short term repair on the right hand side bunker to stop sand washing down and puddling by filling in a section of the bunker away from the sprinkler. Elsewhere we have topped up bunkers around the course with sand to start prepping them for the season and make sure sand levels are correct.

Finally the irrigation has been primed ready for use, would you believe it! Though, I am sure it will be called into service in no time.

The fortnight ahead

The next two weeks will hopefully see a lot more cutting and tricking up the golf course to bring it to summer conditions, there will be repair work finished at the 17th bunkers as well as turfing around the 8th mat to make good for the season. A number of other smaller repairs will be complete to make sure all surfaces across the course are performing perfectly.

Happy Golfing.

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