09/04/18 – 27/04/18

  • April 27, 2018

On the course

– Finally spring has arrived, but perhaps it has left us once again, because as I type this we are experiencing low temperatures and heavy rainfall, which is forecast for the next 3-4 days. However, for the last two weeks the sun has mostly been shinning and we experienced a short heatwave, this has blown the grass into life and all surfaces are growing faster than we can cut them, the roughs especially. The greens are now down to their spring height of cut and will remain here until mid May, or when the temperatures and weather calms a little, which we will then lower to our summer height of cut which will run through until the end of September.

Elsewhere on the course we have cleared the old contaminated sand out of the 17th bunkers, added a base layer and then added new sand, we have also made a slight alteration to the edge for the season to stop the heavy wash outs after rainfall. We have done, and are still currently doing, work to the left hand side of the 15th green bank with an aim this season to have full grass coverage to as close to the fence line as possible, where we have never had coverage before, this will improve playability. Many other green banks across the course have been over-seeded and fertilised to produce 100% coverage in the ‘circle of care’ around the greens. A small repair to the 5th white tee was complete giving now full coverage for the start of the season, this tee as well as the 9th will be opened within the next two weeks, weather dependent. The fountains on the course are currently under repair and will hopefully be back in action asap. The 8th winter mat has been turfed and repaired to increase visual presentation of the area for the main season.

The fortnight ahead

Next week Temple plays host to the UKSGA, Monday being the practice day and then Tuesday/Wednesday Rd 1 and Rd 2 respectively. Our work this week has been to build for the competition next week and we have the full team working Sunday in preparation for the practice day on Monday. Later in the week we will add sand to the 1st and 12th bunkers to bring them back into play for the full opening of the course.

Happy Golfing.

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