02/05/19 – 20/05/19

  • May 20, 2019

On the course

Another glorious month of weather, albeit a little cold at night. Night time temperatures are staying a little low for full growth meaning recovery is slower than expected on fairways but day by day we are seeing good recovering. 

Aeration last week went very well, a simple 12mm solid tine down to a depth of 150mm across greens, approaches, and tees with a good topdressing of straight sand behind (Tees received a 70/30 rootzone mix dressing rather than straight sand). We also took the opportunity to verticut all surfaces prior to aeration to continue to control the lateral growth, maintaining smooth and true surfaces. 

The meadow rough is starting to lengthen but with the dry spring it has stayed wispy and thin meaning playability is good. The course is starting to take its usual beautiful summer appearance. 

The fortnight ahead

Weed control is the buzz word of the moment, one of the team is very busy controlling all unwanted weed growth around tees and greens banks. Fairways will also receive a full herbicide treatment, this year being a little later in the season than usually because of both late growth as well as our additional overseeding programme. All new bunkers will have there sand depths checked and topped up where necessary. As usual, daily summer golf course prep is our number one priority each morning.  

Happy Golfing.