21/05/19 – 21/06/19

  • June 24, 2019

On the course

What a different month we have had since the last post. The last week of May was beautiful and then the rain came and it has been almost torrential now for two weeks. However, this rain has been very much welcome, the grass growth and recovery is fantastic for all surfaces apart form the greens. The fast growth causes difficulties in maintaining consistent green speed, this growth is also coupled with an extremely high water content within the rootzone, the weather looks to be drying up for the rest of the week and the sun is going to shine with all its strength from Wednesday onwards, just in time for Wimbledon so the green will be back up to their best in no time.

The course itself is in fantastic condition throughout and the team have been working hard to present the course as best as possible in the most difficult of conditions.

The fortnight ahead

General daily prep is still our main concern, although we do always have smaller weekly tasks which we look to complete, for example over the next two weeks the greens, tees and approaches will all be verti-cut and dressed once more in the build up to the club champs and the fairways will once again be sprayed with an application of nutrient to try and boost recovery.

Happy Golfing.

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