22/06/19 – 02/08/19

  • August 2, 2019

On the course

Another fantastic Summer is hitting the UK, which has seen the highest ever recorded temperature of 37 C, is this a sign of what is to come, will golf courses have to deal with this kind of heat stress over the next few years?

In the last 4 weeks we have used our fairway irrigator on the fairways which were over seeded in spring, this is to keep them alive through the harshest of heat stress, with this we are now seeing good growth coming into August. The heavy storms that have broken up the fantastic summer has really helped the course, all surfaces are performing well.

The irrigation upgrades and improvements we have made during the last 12 months have really paid dividends this year with green surrounds and bunker edges surviving the heat stress far better and keeping full coverage which helps maintain the circle of care at a far higher standard. We have not upgraded all irrigation around green surrounds but we are working towards this goal over the next 2 years.

The fortnight ahead

Summer aeration is upon us and this year we are double aerating the greens to further remove thatch to hopefully decrease thatch levels down below 5% in the top 20mm. The greens will be hollow cored and then solid tinned after with a heavy dressing of sand. Approached and Tees will also be aerated and heavily dressed.

The work we do to the greens next week will put them in great shape for the rest of the year and ensure we have fully playable greens throughout the entire Winter.

Happy Golfing.

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