05/08/19 – 23/08/19

  • August 23, 2019

On the course

All is very well on the course, the aeration of just over two weeks ago went extremely well. The Greens received a double aeration of 12mm hollow cores and 19mm solid tines and a total amount of just short of 60 tonne of sand was applied. The Tees were also hollow cored with 12mm tines and the Approaches were solid tined with 19mm tines. Recovery is exactly as expected and I foresee before next weekend the majority the aeration holes will be closed.

After aeration sand units are used, these units are specifically for cutting the Greens whilst sand is on the surface, the sand ruins the blades and it is difficult to get a true cut. The sand units are used for two weeks, after this time once the sand has filtered through the surface the main units are then used back on the Greens, tomorrow is that day, the brand new freshly re-ground main units will be used to cut Greens which will create almost normal playing conditions once again.

The Fairways are recovering very well with the prolonged heat coupled with heavy rainfall of late, over-seeding this year will take place in mid September to further help the recovery, the new cultivars being used during over-seeding have a higher stress tolerance to the species that are naturally within the fairways at present.

The new path between the back of the 9th green and the 10th red and WPJ Tee has been constructed, completed and opened for use, this will give the option to walk direct to the Red tee if the Halfway Hut is not needed whilst also giving a speedier route for the WPJ Course.

In particular this week the Approaches, the Green Banks and the Tees are look exceptionally good.

The fortnight ahead

This week coming we have the last Bank Holiday of the year and Captains Fun Day Shotgun start on Monday.

The meadow rough is due to be cut, bailed and cleared during early September as well as the Tee banks being cut and cleared, the course will take on a different look once the meadows are cut and cleared, and perhaps an easier or more forgiving test of golf.

The edges of the 11th bunkers are booked in to be re-turfed during early September to repair them from the drought of last year.

Happy Golfing.

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