Humana Pharmacy Provider Agreement

  • April 10, 2021

In the order to dissolve the diplomat`s injunction application, the parties agreed that Humana would present its two form agreements entitled “Pharmacy Provider Agreement” and “Specialty Pharmacy Participation Agreement” and “exchange additional discoveries that they deem necessary at the interim enforcement hearing.” (Dect. 21, word for producer, ex. A, Agreed Order 5.) Subsequently, Diplomat Humana applied to manufacture documents relating to: 1) Humana pharmacy supplier contracts concluded after July 2, 2008; 2) Humanas guidelines for retail, pharmacy and/or specialty pharmacy networks; 3) Humana Form Supplier Agreements; 4) Reimbursement prices for Humana pharmacies after July 2, 2008; 5) documents relating to Humana`s plans to acquire, own or operate a pharmacy supplier; and 6) documents on humana`s AAE negotiations with diplomats since 1 September 2007. Diplomat then requested additional documents on Humana`s communication by diplomat with members, doctors and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. (Mot for Produc., Ex.B C.) Diplomat is seeking an order requiring Humana to submit these documents promptly before the oral proceedings on the motion to refer, because she says the documents would help diplomats prove that they would be likely to succeed on the merits of their application. It is indisputable that Humana submitted the two formal agreements it provided for in the agreed dissolution order of the diplomat`s request for a temporary injunction. The parties did not accept any other findings. Diplomat is therefore responsible for showing a good reason or a quick presentation of the additional documents he requests. This case is before the court regarding the applicant`s application diplomat Pharmacy Inc. (“Diplomat”) to expedite the development of the files.

(Point 21) Diplomat is seeking an order requiring the defendants Humana Health Plan Inc. and Humana Insurance Company (“Humana”) to submit certain recordings in response to requests to manufacture documents pending before July 29, 2008, by hearing it through diplomats in reference.