Laborers International Pipeline Agreement

  • April 10, 2021

Parties to the stack-chimney national agreement: International Union of Workers, United Brotherhood of Carpenters, IronWorkers and Individual Employers. Scope: Within the limits of the United States, covering construction by the method of jumping or sliding hollow concrete columns, such as chimneys. The agreement includes the construction of chimneys and chimney coverings in all materials usually installed by the undersigned craftsmen, as well as the repair and demolition of any of the above structures. In addition to supervision, the employer can provide up to one-third of the workforce from outside the local jurisdiction. Effective Date: The Agreement will remain in effect until terminated in writing by one party to another with 90 days` notice. Changes may be made at any time by mutual agreement. The agreement will be extended on a project basis. Maintenance Addendum: Includes all work performed on existing structures such as chimneys, chimneys, siding, coatings, scrubbers, separators and their accessories, including piping and connecting structures. Also included are other hollow concrete columns, such as wells .B. and prill towers and accessories that refer to everyone. Prefabricated to the Agreement: This Addendum covers all work performed on the prefabrication or modification of chimneys, chimneys and coatings, including piping and structures related to the connection. Parties to the National Specialty Agreement: International Union of Workers and Individual Employers.

Scope: Includes special work defined by the employer and agreed by the union. Effective Date: Varies depending on the employer that has the signatories. Parties to the National Construction Agreement (Construction): Affiliated enterprises of the construction industry and individual employers. Scope: The purpose of this agreement is to promote the efficiency of construction work and to ensure the peaceful settlement of labour disputes without strikes or lockouts, thereby promoting the public interest in ensuring the rapid and economical completion of the work. The Parties also intend to establish standard working conditions for the efficient execution of construction work, establish and maintain harmonious relationships and ensure optimal productivity. The purpose of this agreement is to promote the efficient operation of the project. The union has implemented training programs on environmental remediation and hazardous waste that meet or exceed all federal regulatory requirements. This agreement is mainly used for asbestos remediation, mold remediation and hazardous waste disposal. The union`s current policy is to reject requests to extend the agreement to an area where there is a local collective agreement established to reduce hazardous waste. Effective Dates: Applied on a project basis. General Agreement on the Maintenance of Presidents` ProjectsParties: Affiliates of the Building and Construction Trades Department and related maintenance contractors.

Scope: Ongoing maintenance, repair, renovation and replacement work on facilities, industrial facilities, utilities and other facilities for an initial period of at least one year. Maintenance work is work performed for the repair, renovation, replacement and maintenance of tangible capital assets, machinery and equipment as part of capital assets. This Agreement does not apply to work performed by the contractor on a new building. Entrepreneurs who have joined the AMP are not required to sign a local collective agreement. The owner can choose to carry out some of the work or outsource it or buy it directly from subcontractors. Effective Date: One year – thereafter, the Agreement will remain in full force and effect from year to year until terminated with 60 days` notice at the option of either party. National agreement of the contracting parties to drilled wells: International Union of Workers, International Union of Farm Engineers and individual employers. National Contracting Parties for Concrete Drilling, Drilling and Sawing: International Union of Workers and Individual Employers.

Scope: All concrete drilling, drilling and sawing for any purpose. The employer and the union want to stabilize employment in the drilling, drilling and concrete sawing industries and therefore agree on wage rates, hours of work and conditions of employment. Effective Date: Applied on a project basis. National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee (NMAPC)Parties: International Union of Individual Workers and Employers (which consists of a joint employment management committee). Scope: Maintenance, repair, replacement and renovation work that falls primarily within the recognized and traditional competence of the union. The NMA is intended for work with a duration of less than one year. NMA is used in factories such as petrochemical, utility, steel and automotive plants. The NMA program is administered and directed by the NMA Policy Committee, a joint working and management committee. Extensions are made site by site. Revisions to the Agreement may only be made by a majority of the votes of the NMAPC. Effective Date: The Agreement is valid until terminated with 90 days` written notice by either party. National Agreement of the Contracting Parties on Production Services, Care and Maintenance of Soil: International Union of Workers and Individual Employers.

Scope: All construction and land custody services, handling and production service personnel employed by the contractor under his own name or that of another contractor. Excluded from coverage are all new construction work carried out by the contractor under other national agreements. The entrepreneur has complete freedom of choice in recruitment and determines the qualifications of the male employees. Effective Date: One year – thereafter, the Agreement will remain in full force and effect from year to year until terminated with 60 days` notice at the option of either party. National Pipeline AgreementPartied Parties: Laborers` International Union and Pipeline Contractors Association.Scope: Applies to all transportation work on underground pipelines and cables in the United States The agreement covers the construction, installation, dual connection, rework, treatment, insulation, overhaul, testing, commencement, circulation or relocation of transboundary pipelines or segments thereof, coal, Transport transportable gas, petroleum, water or other materials, vapours or liquids, including parts of such pipelines within the boundaries of private property, to the first measuring station or connection. Effective Date: June 5, 2017 – 31. May 2020.Parties to the National Distribution Agreement: Laborers` International Union and Distribution Contractors of America.Scope: Applies to all distribution lines and utilities, including other underground distribution facilities for public or private services (other than sewer and water pipes) in the United States The agreement covers repair, maintenance, construction, the installation, treatment and overhaul of distribution lines that transport coal, gas, petroleum or other similar materials, vapours or liquids (other than sewer and water lines), as well as lines, telephone lines and power lines. .