Peace Arch Park Agreement

  • April 11, 2021

The park served as a popular meeting place for relatives separated by the border who were unable to travel as a result of a ban on non-essential travel due to COVID-19. The closure of the park caused problems, especially with regard to parking, with the neighborhood north of 0 Avenue, near 170. “And what has happened since the closure of the Canadian side a few weeks ago is that a lot of Canadians are entering 0 Avenue Park, which is perfectly legal.” “They created a worse problem by closing the park,” Saunders said. Peace Arch Historical State Park is a unique 19-hectare used park on the U.S.-Canada border. The Monument of the Arch of Peace is located on the border of the 49th parallel. Every June, Peace Arch Historical State Park hosts the International Festival of Art and Music, where visitors can listen to bands, buy local crafts and enjoy food and beverages. Saunders, based in Blaine., Wash., said he had recently met with customers in State Park and saw dozens of people digging a ditch along 0 Avenue in South Surrey, B.C., to picnic, run dogs or enjoy what appeared to be a reunion of family and friends. There was Heinbach: in the park, who only had his dog a few minutes before returning home. She did not expect to be told that she should be quarantined when she got there. “People come and park right in front of your house. If a guy works an afternoon shift and goes home, he can`t even park in front of his own house. Or park in people`s yard and just leave the car, don`t even ask,” Robinson said.

Rick Robinson, a resident of Peace Park Drive, says residential streets don`t have enough parking spaces to support visitors, causing frustration in the neighborhood. The park is located at Peace Arch Border Crossing (also known as Douglas Border Crossing), where Highway 99 in British Columbia and Interstate 5 meet in Washington State.