Referral Agreement Hk

  • April 11, 2021

3.1.5 The arbitrator must be notified and has agreed that his data, personal data and information be forwarded to the company for this program before the date of referral by the referent. 2.2.1 10% of the monthly office fees for the Office and The Co-Working multiplied by the number of months covered by the original agreement; and (b) “closed sale,” the sale by which (i) the customer signed a service contract and (ii) paid his initial bill. 2.1 We pay commissions to a broker in return for the transfer of new clients that result in a sale concluded pursuant to Term 2 (“Commission”). 4.12 CONCILIATION AGREEMENT; CLASS ACTION WAIVER (United States only): Any dispute or claim that relates in any way to these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by a binding arbitration procedure managed by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its commercial arbitration rules (available under, except that IWG or the broker may claim small claims in court. The arbitrator has exclusive authority to resolve disputes related to the interpretation, applicability, applicability or formation of this agreement. The arbitrator is not allowed to use arbitration as a class action or representation. IWG and the broker recognize that these conditions are a transaction in intergovernmental trade governed by the Federal Arbitration Act. IWG and the broker agree to waive any rights, to pursue disputes relating to these terms and conditions in each class, a private attorney general or any other representative action. 4.1 The Commission is paid to a broker who submits a reference to IWG, which results in a closed sale, unless the circumstances described in point 4.2 or 4.3 occur, in which case clause 4.2 or clause 4.3 apply up to a maximum of 12 months of the duration of the agreement. 3.2 In the United Kingdom, recommendations are only accepted by sending them back to the company once in the application or via 3.1.6. In the event of an arbitrator`s dismissal to the company more than once, only the first person who refers the arbitrator to the company (with the permission of the arbitrator) is entitled to make a referral gift under this program.

The following terms and conditions of the Refer A-Friend (“CGV”) program are a legal agreement between the refer A-Friend participant as a “referrer” (specifically defined below) and Randstad Hong Kong Ltd (“company”), which is the rightful owner of the domain name and website (hereafter referred to as “website”). 4.10 When an additional Commission and Commission have been paid and a customer is in late payment for the agreed fixed term or terminates a service contract so that a continuous monthly period does not pass to the months for which the Commission has been paid, we have the right to recover the Commission on a pro-rata basis and any additional Commission for the period during which the client is late. 4.2 If two or more brokers make a recommendation that is essentially the same opportunity and a sale is made in relation to that opportunity, the broker who submitted the recommendation first will be paid to the Commission, unless the last visit made before the sale has been booked by another broker, in which case the broker who has booked that visit will be paid to the Commission.